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March with Pride - Join Us!

Sunday, October 15th

Join PFLAG Peachtree City for Atlanta Pride 2023! This is the largest gathering of LGBTQIA+ friends, families, and allies in the Southern United States.  When we show up all together in the parade, we send a strong message of love and support to the community. 

The PFLAG float brings together all Georgia chapters to march together - with pride.


Won't you join us?

How You Can Be a Part

  • We will march with the PFLAG Atlanta float. Members from chapters across the state will join us! 

  • This year we will have a trailer to accommodate those who cannot march due to mobility issues or are differently abled. If you'd like to ride on the trailer, you must RSVP as spots are limited.

  • Sign up for text message reminders and more information by texting PFLAG to 833-751-2329

  • For safety reasons, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 to march with us unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or adult sibling. 

  • We will depart from the Kedron Target Parking Lot in Peachtree City at 10:30 AM on Sunday, October 15th

    • Please arrive prior to 10:30 - that is when we will leave. 

    • You do not have to ride with us in order to participate. Our meeting place is listed below​

  • We will caravan in personal vehicles to the College Park MARTA Station

  • You will need to purchase a MARTA Breeze Card to gain passage on the train. Remember, you'll need a round-trip pass. There are kiosks by the entrance.

    •  You can register for a refillable MARTA Breeze Card or pay when you get to the station for a one-day card. If you want a Breeze card, you should register online soon, as the card will need to be mailed to you.

  • We will ride the train from the College Park MARTA Station to the Civic Center Station.

  • We will march from the Civic Center Station (or thereabouts) to the festival at Piedmont Park. This is where the parade disperses. The route is approximately 1.8 miles - please be prepared to walk the entirety of the route.

  • The parade route ends at the Charles Allen Gate to Piedmont Park on 10th Street. The closest MARTA station is the Midtown Station on 10th Street, but you won’t be able to get there until the parade crowd disperses.

  • We recommend staying with the people you carpooled with or organizing a plan to meet up. The festival is very crowded.

  • Please do not bring young children to the march, as they may be overcome by heat or exhaustion. 

  • Since this is a family event, do not wear clothing with obscenities.  Pride-themed clothing is encouraged and welcomed.

What to Expect

If you haven't ever marched in the parade before, expect to be on your feet for many hours. Expect tons of people. Expect any kind of weather. And expect ROARS of appreciation along the parade route from those attending! PFLAG is a hugely popular float - everyone is happy to see us!

A Few Final Notes


DO IT! Make a poster sharing whom you love or whom you support. Put your chapter name on the bottom of your poster. You'll get tons of requests to take your picture with your poster. Such fun!


As is the nature of Georgia in October, the days can still be quite warm! Please consider bringing snacks or a water bottle, as there will be none available until we get to Piedmont Park.


Bring them! It is absolutely life-affirming for queer teens to attend. But also know that Pride is a giant gathering of 200,000 folks. Keep your teens safe and with you as you enjoy the festival. 


Safety and Protesters

Every year there are protesters. This year, they may be louder and more numerous. Protesting is protected by our Constitution. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH PROTESTERS. EVER. Ignore them. 

We Can't Wait to Celebrate with You.

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